If you have any problems or questions regarding downloading your eBook files, do not hesitate to contact the author at  

download instructions

You are receiving a zip folder with two files inside, one ePub file and one PDF. After you pay, you will be redirected to the downloads page, if not, click on “Return to Merchant.” 

On the new screen, find the Downloads heading, and you will see a button with the book title. Click on the button to begin download.  


  • A new small window will open, with “Open With…” selected (the little black dot). Hit OK.
  • Another window opens, so click on “Extract All” in the upper right corner (NOT on the pink tab).  
  • Another window opens, entitled “Select a Destination…,” that allows you to choose where to download the files onto your computer. Click on the Browse button, another window opens, and you will see a list of folders on the left side. Click on the one from the list you want. Most people will choose “Desktop” (just click on it). Then click on Select Folder.  
  • You will be back on the “Select A Destination…” window and will see an updated link to the folder on your computer that you picked (your Desktop). Click on Extract in the lower right corner.  
  • You will then have 2 new folders in the place you choose (on your Desktop).  The first folder, “100 Years of Women Running…,” contains the ePub and PDF file for the book. Click on either of these to read the book. You will also see a folder called _MACOSX. This contains duplicate copies of the book, so you can delete that if you want.  

For Macs:

  • Once you have clicked the button to initiate the download, go to your Downloads folder.
  • Locate the ZIP file, and double-click on it to unzip.
  • Double click on either the ePub or PDF to open and begin reading.