100 Years of Women Running for Office in Ohio ePub and PDF


Almost 150 years before Hillary Clinton, Victoria Woodhull, one of Ohio’s own, ran for president of the United States in 1872.  In 1922, Florence Allen was elected to the state supreme court, making her the first woman to serve on any state supreme court in the nation.  Ohio has a long history of women running for public office.  An analysis of trends over the last 100 years combined with the compelling and inspiring stories of the state’s trail blazers, this 40-page book explores the history of the remarkable women who have represented Ohio from 1872 to 2020.  While tremendous progress has been made, in the 21st century, female candidates in Ohio still face significant barriers, including gerrymandering, and the state has fallen behind the nation.  With the new reforms that will reshape Ohio’s legislative districts going into effect in 2022 and the demographic changes altering the state’s political profile, will Ohio be able to catch up?

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